We serve a variety of industries and can help you with solutions to satisfy your complex business issues. By working with major industry standard platform solutions from vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and others, we are able to help you analyze various product solutions to determine the best fit for your organization. Integration of products from differing vendors can be complex but are often required to accomplish your solution goals. Check out some of the industry solutions we have experience with over a broad range of industries to help you with your next big project.

Identity Management


The process of adding users to your organization is a critical task that must be done in a timely manner and with the utmost concern for security. Whether real-time, batch, or workflow approved, we can help you with a provisioning system that gets your users quickly onboarded into your system.


Approval is key to the seamless operation of your business processes. We can implement the chain of command necessary to ensure that your Identity Management requests are allowed into your system according to how you do business and your internal approval processes.


Identity here, identity there, identity everywhere! Multiple user identities across various systems is a challenge to manage. We have a great deal of experience and can help you keep all of your user identities in sync and up-to-date with your current software systems and applications.

Access Control


Who are you? One of the most critical tasks in all of software development is confirming the identity of a user. Whether desktop, web, or mobile, we can help you with single or multi-factor authentication that properly identifies and authenticates users to your systems, applications, and services.


What can you do? Once a user is identified, it is crucial to establish restrictions that only allow them access to authorized resources. Whether you use roles, attributes, policies or custom rules, we can integrate your controls to allow access to your resources on your terms.

Federation & SSO

Authenticate and work. If it were only that simple. It can be if you utilize Single Sign-On within your organization or Federation with external partners. We have a great deal of industry experience at implementing customized and vendor based Federation and SSO solutions.


Who, what, when, and where? The four basic questions asked where auditing is concerned. Whether simple or complex, we can help define and implement the necessary controls to record and report mission critial events and actions for internal or standards compliance.

Self Service

Password Management

Arrgh! Change my password again :-(   Believe it or not, this is one of the single most costliest tasks for large organizations to stay on top of. We can help you with a password management solution that will save time, money, and resources while keeping users compliant with your security policies.

User Self Service

No more hand holding. Account management is expensive to support because of the time required to assist with common tasks that users are capable of doing themselves. We can help you identify those tasks and implement a solution that will have your users managing thier accounts in no time.