IdentityMan Framework

The IdentityMan™ Framework was created for organizations of all sizes to manage the identities and provisioning efforts of employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Our full-featured framework is built on top of .NET and Java architectures to give you a set of APIs designed to enable the development of robust, efficient, secure, and cost-effective software to manage user information, identities, groups, roles, access control, permissions, and provisioning rules to consistently enforce Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies across your enterprise.

IAM Application Framework

Check out the many benefits our Framework can provide to your next software project.

  • Data Security
  • User Authentication
  • Access Control
  • Application Security
  • Transaction Auditing
  • Event Reporting
  • MS Office Compatible
  • Source Available
  • Fully Extendable
Microsoft .NET

Our latest release takes advantage of many new features from the .NET Framework 4 stack.

  • v4.01 for the .NET Framework 4.x
Oracle Java

Our latest release for Java remains inline with the SE 6 release offering the best vendor compatibility.

  • v6.12 for Java the SE 7,8 Platform
Security and Compliance


  • Contains cryptography algorithms using industry standard encryption such as Triple DES and Rijndael for enterprise class security.
  • Offers secured token and data storage for critically sensitive data used by your application that needs full protection in transit and at rest.


  • Auditing providers support the tracking of key information for auditing with regulations such as SOX and HIPAA.
  • Enhanced logging capabilities to file, web, or server based logs with advanced log levels and filtered user tracing.


  • Microsoft Office compatible file generation using templates for Word, Excel, and Access for reports and information delivery.
  • Scheduled email service allows the automated delivery of reports and information to key staff, personnel, and distribution groups.
Information Management


  • Fully transactional providers for standardized LDAP products, Active Directory, and LDAP based directory services.
  • Data aware methods return native types for data bound controls in .NET such as XmlDocument, DataSets, and DataViews.


  • Fully transactional providers for databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and many other databases.
  • Data aware methods return native types for data bound controls in .NET such as XmlDocument, DataSets, and DataViews.


  • XML providers offer interoperable information storage for managing application data and configuration information stored locally.
  • Advanced encryption providers offer sensitive data encryption and full file encryption where security-at-rest matters.
User Lifecycle

User Identities

  • Create and assign automated identities based on policies and account creation rules for quickly adding users to your system.
  • Automate password management and creation with password generators that comply with your organizations security policies.

Account Provisioning

  • Fully manage user accounts from desktop, web, mobile, server, or cloud systems with industry leading vendor integration.
  • Support for role, attribute, rules engine, and workflow based provisioning for onboarding users with your security policies.

Access Management

  • Directory, database, file, or cloud based authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO) and federated partner applications.
  • Secured token management for extended access control requirements and user account self-service capabilities.