About Us

Hi, I'm Russ Humphries, Enterprise Software Architect and founder of Intrepreneurs, Inc. I have been building software for over 20 years that is in use all over the world for all kinds of clients in all kinds of industries. I have worked in corporations in many capacities from Developer to Manager to Director to CTO and now CEO of my own outfit. We are developers, testers and independent contractors who have a passion for "building stuff that works" to put it simply.

Over the years, as technology has evolved, software development efforts can now be virtualized and contained as complete systems. Companies like Microsoft and VMware provide virtualization products to run software systems as a virtual environment. Virtualization is the process of taking physical hardware (processors, memory, and storage) and transforming them into many virtual machines. We develop software for clients using this technology.

What does this mean? It means you can save significant time, money, and resources by using virtual development services. By using us to build your next software project, you will gain a "Lab" and "Scientists" (no lab coats, just Hawaiin shirts) that can react quickly to your needs and get your project built on time using a private corporate sandbox built for you. We manage the whole process and build a safe secure environment just for you where we develop all of your software.

Explore our capabilities and let us be your partner on your next software project.

 How We Work

All it takes is a phone call. From there, we can discuss your needs and start helping you right away. We can help you figure out the shortest path to get you the quickest results. We can set up a lab for you in no time and can begin your discovery process immediately.

During discovery, we build your lab while defining your development needs with any design documents, architecture diagrams, and technical specifications you may need. The development process is initiated and your software development begins.

Because we use an Agile process, we are in constant communication with you. In addition, we provide weekly status reports during the development process. We take your feedback, adjust the development, and continue until final delivery is complete.

 What We Deliver

Once your software reaches a usable and deployable stage, usually within one to four weeks, we deploy from our lab to your development environment. We generally like to deploy the full source solution each time so it can be integrated into source control from the start.

Our Agile process allows us to continue frequent development cycles and redeploy as needed. This is usually on a weekly basis, but can be bi-weekly or daily during an intense development sprint. We keep your sofware up-to-date during the entire process.

This deployment cycle is repeated until final production testing, signoff, and go-live. After that, we give you as much support as you want through the go-live process and technology transition, then we guide you through the next phase for future development efforts.

 Your Next Steps

Contact us today so we can discuss your needs. From there we can help you to understand your next steps in this process. We'll take the time to understand your needs and discover what you are trying to accomplish so we can help you clearly define your objectives.

From there, we can set up a meeting with your key players where we can walk you through our capabilities and processes and answer any questions you have regarding our business, capabilities, and how our services can best meet your needs.

Contact us and I will personally respond to you.